Nike Vista

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Rebellious and refined. The two words Nike used to introduce their stunning Vista Lite women’s sneakers were well-chosen in this instance. This shoe combines a free-spirit sense of adventure and wonder with a sneaker that’s smart enough to wear around town and not just on the track. Featuring the softest foam and a brand-new silhouette, the Nike Vista Lite has a unique yet subtle aesthetic that will help you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons no matter where you go.

The sneakers have been carefully designed to be as lightweight as possible, so whether you’re throwing around a football, running track, hitting the skatepark, or just heading to the shops, you can walk, skip, run, or jump as though you’re walking on air. The sole of the shoe is made from enhanced foam to give you a padded and comfortable gait, and the exaggerated heel not only looks awesome but has been created with advanced engineering to make each step even more comfortable which makes them perfect walking shoes for women.

The open mesh on the upper of the sneakers has a transparent textile window that’s perfect for letting your feet breathe as well as adding a modern look to the shoe that everyone will love. The classic Nike Swoosh is embedded into the molded foam of the heel and also features on the side and toes of the sneaker to add depth and interest without being garish.

The sneakers are available in a range of colors and styles to suit your personal taste and every outfit. At the same time, the exaggerated ‘waffle design’ on the outsole helps provide plenty of traction in all weathers.

Designed to be incredibly durable, these sneakers will keep you going for as long as possible in comfort and style. We’re sure you’ll love them. If you’ve not yet bagged yourself a pair of Nike Vista Lite Women’s shoes, what are you waiting for? Go!